You’ve got the ideas, the skills, and the determination.
All you need is the right boost.
At Sanara we work together, building momentum through the ups and downs of the process and utilizing our extensive industry know-how and expert network to achieve technological innovations on a life-changing scale.

Choose your program
sanara boost


Pre-seed program

Boost is our early stage pre-incubation program.
We provide entrepreneurs with jumpstart financing to bridge the gap with small scale feasibility tests and to keep the innovative spirit going while being evaluated for our Momentum incubator program.

Energizing ideas

sanara momentum


Seed program

Momentum is Sanara’s flagship
Israel Innovation Authority – backed incubator program, providing a home for entrepreneurs and companies to grow, vital support with R&D, finance, business development, international networking, industry validation & mentorship to achieve a working prototype.

Building for the long run

sanara scale


A round program

An investment program dedicated to supporting the best startups from our portfolio, as well as startups who are new to the Sanara family, as they mature and scale their operations, optimizing their development, maturation and growth process through validation & integration into healthcare systems, with support from industry experts and global KOLs.

Saving you years knocking on doors


We know that we are all human. From the first step we take, we learn by failing.
We are here to prompt your success, but also help you fail gracefully,
get back up and take another step forward towards achieving your dream.

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