Our strategic partnerships are what help us deliver on our promise.

We are all about the team. While a single person can come up with a life changing idea, it takes a dedicated, talented and ambitious team to manifest that change in the world. Through mutualy enriching collaborations we aim to create an ecosystem to deliver life-changing innovation to the medical community and patients around the globe. We draw heavily on expertise found within Philips and Teva and our international network to provide support for R&D activities, link entrepreneurs with industry experts, academics and healthcare systems, identify continuous funding opportunities and open doors into the market for our portfolio companies. We seek out exciting collaborations that keep us moving on the forefront of innovation.

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The strength of Sanara’s incubation-investment model is the deep due diligence it allows us to do on each company. After two years of working side by side, our companies become practically family.
We know their strengths and weaknesses; we know the type of strategic partners and investors that will suit them and we can provide deep insights into the technology, team and potential.

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Our Advisory Board is made up of subject matter experts from across the world
who engage with our portfolio companies in myriad ways.

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