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Portfolio Companies:

End to end financial navigation platform Projecting patients' expenses and identifying alternatives for payment to reduce hospitals' uncollectable accounts and patient debt.
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Mobile phone add-on to facilitate primary care tests at home for telehealth services.
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AI-based image processing - combination of text and image processing to pinpoint missed findings that can lead to increased risk and malpractice.
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Novel device for anastomosis of small blood and lymph vessels, 4.0 to 0.5
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Single cell analysis of multiple cancer tumor cells in parallel to assess heterogeneity of tumors and optimize body’s cancer-fighting capabilities
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A low dose radiation-based implant, designed for controlled vascular remodeling in various pathologies
A combination of laser device + nanoparticle drops to modify corneal refractive index
A novel device for simplified, nontraumatic pacemakers/defibrillators lead extraction
A novel oral healthcare device for home use, based on ozonated water
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Radiation reduction in CT, introducing optics to ionizing radiation aiming at reducing radiation exposure in CT
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A new delivery technology combining a medical grade inhaler device and proprietary Cannabis formulation
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Disease management technology for Asthma and COPD; ultra low-cost spirometry solution using mobile app
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Accurate, quick, low cost platform technology for detection of any DNA/RNA based pathogen
A novel retrievable intra-tubal device for reversable fallopian tube blocking
Micro air pump for respiratory & sleep support combining high pressure and large flow rate
Ultrasound [US] patch performing continuous 3D echocardiography and automatic measurement of hemodynamic parameters
Computational biology platform to identify silent mutations and improve pharmaceutical companies’ ability to identify patients that will benefit from the treatment
ActiveAging – AI based end-to-end management platform for proactive optimization of Medicare Advantage members’ health journeys.