Aviel Blumenfeld, CEO
AI-based image processing – combination of text and image processing to pinpoint missed findings that can lead to increased risk and malpractice.

Tailor Med

Srulik Dvorsky, CEO
Financial management platform – project patients’ out-of-pocket expenses and identify alternative methods of payment to reduce hospitals’ uncollectable accounts and patient debt.

Home doc

Gilat Schreiber, CEO
Digital health – mobile phone add-on to facilitate primary care tests at home for telehealth services.

Life Graph

Keren Sela, CEO
Digital health – passively monitoring behavioral parameters of migraine patients through the smartphone in order to predict migraine attacks.


Eli David, CEO
Oral care technology – home device that provides ozonated water to treat gum diseases.

One Cell

Elad Brod, CEO
Cancer diagnostic – platform for multi-faceted analysis of multiple cancer tumor cells in parallel to assess heterogeneity of tumors.


Jessica Weiss, CEO
Microsurgery technology – novel design of stitching needle and device for anastomosis of small blood vessels.

Lens Free

Doron Avraham, CEO
Imaging – radiation reduction in CT – introducing optics to ionizing radiation aiming at reducing radiation exposure in CT by 50%.

Breath Me

Tzur Di-Cori, CEO
Digital health – disease management technology for Asthma and COPD – ultra low-cost spirometry solution using mobile app.

Meway Pharma

Drug delivery – combining the short treatment time of an inhaler with the efficiency of a nebulizer.


David Smadja, MD, CEO
Opthamological intervention – leveraging nano technology in eye drops to correct for common vision impairments.


Vascular Remodeling Device.
A novel approach for vascular closure.


Simplified Pacemaker lead extraction device, utilizing vibration energy to minimize intervention and adverse effects of lead extraction.

Veoli Logo For Website

An innovative technology that will allow patients to consume medical cannabis by inhaling a precise dosage that does not need to be heated up, evaporated or burnt.

Companies awaiting Innovation Authority approval