Tomer Glottman, CEO
AI-based image processing – combination of text and image processing to pinpoint missed findings that can lead to increased risk and malpractice.

Tailor Med

Srulik Dvorsky, CEO
Financial management platform – project patients’ out-of-pocket expenses and identify alternative methods of payment to reduce hospitals’ uncollectable accounts and patient debt.

Home doc

Gilat Schreiber, CEO
Digital health – mobile phone add-on to facilitate primary care tests at home for telehealth services.

Life Graph

Keren Sela, CEO
Digital health – passively monitoring behavioral parameters of migraine patients through the smartphone in order to predict migraine attacks.


Eli David, CEO
Oral care technology – home device that provides ozonated water to treat gum diseases.

One Cell

Elad Brod, CEO
Cancer diagnostic – platform for multi-faceted analysis of multiple cancer tumor cells in parallel to assess heterogeneity of tumors.


Jessica Weiss, CEO
Microsurgery technology – novel design of stitching needle and device for anastomosis of small blood vessels.

Lens Free

Doron Avraham, CEO
Imaging – radiation reduction in CT – introducing optics to ionizing radiation aiming at reducing radiation exposure in CT by 50%.

Breath Me

Tzur Di-Cori, CEO
Digital health – disease management technology for Asthma and COPD – ultra low-cost spirometry solution using mobile app.

Meway Pharma

Drug delivery – combining the short treatment time of an inhaler with the efficiency of a nebulizer.


David Smadj, MD, CEO
Opthamological intervention – leveraging nano technology in eye drops to correct for common vision impairments.


Vascular Remodeling Device.
A novel approach for vascular closure.


Simplified Pacemaker lead extraction device, utilizing vibration energy to minimize intervention and adverse effects of lead extraction.

Companies awaiting Innovation Authority approval